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"Shirayuri Kobo", located in Kokufu-cho, Takayama City, is a workshop that produces wooden toys made of solid wood and custom-made wooden furniture.
A representative wooden toy is "Tsumibobo," which is also available at THE GIFTS SHOP. These cute building blocks are based on the motif of "Sarubobo," a doll known as a souvenir from Hida Takayama, but how was this "Tsumibobo" created?

“Sakuzangama” is located in Toki City, Gifu Prefecture, one of the leading ceramic production areas in Japan.
With their motto, "From beautiful work, beautiful tableware,” they create easy-to-use vessels that add color to our daily lives and attract many people.

The Matsuhisa Eisuke Kamiten is located in the old town named “Udatsunoagaru machinami”of Mino City.
They mainly wholesales Mino washi paper, paper yarn made from washi paper, and washi miscellaneous goods, and also manufactures and sells socks and towels made from paper yarn.

The town of Kasahara in Tajimi City is the birthplace of mosaic tiles and is still one of the leading tile production areas in Japan. Nanayosha has a studio in Takada-cho, Tajimi City, not far from Kasahara-cho, and has been attracting attention for its colorful Minoyaki tile accessories.
"Shinkogei" has a workshop in the old streets of Hida Takayama in northern Gifu Prefecture. They are known for hand-dyed stuffed animals with wood-cut by their method. Every animal has a lovely face, a tiny-round form, and a warm color that attracts us.
Leave the seasoning of rice with rice and leave it to the gifts shop!Seki-shi's "Kamihoho" of Sekiro is a vanity seasoning that plays a big success in the seasoning of meat dishes and soup.
The Gifts Shop renewed on February 20, 2021.JR Gifu Station Directly Connect, including traditional crafts, lined with wonderful things from Gifu Prefecture.