Shichimi company (Tajimi City)

It is the birthplace of the mosaic tile, and also the production area of ​​domestic tiles, Tajimi City, Tajimi City. It has a workshop in Tajimi City Takada-cho, which is nearly close to Sasahara Town, creating accessories of colorful and flourish tiles and focusedSevenMr. is.

Tiles are generally used for exterior walls and interior of the building. What happened to the accessory making, what happened? I visited Mr. Shichiya company and asked.


▶ From wholesale of tiles, make accessories

"Seven Corporation was founded in 1955, but it started from the tile wholesale.

After the war, tiles are widely spread in Japan, and the production volume of tiles also increased. So, my grandfather has a business from wholesale that supports the tile industry. After that, after that, the second generation father is called the "物", and it started to focus on the manufacture of the tile used for the corner part of the outer wall and gradually places the tile manufacturing. ".

However, the Japanese tile market will gradually reduce the peak of the bubble era. Furthermore, after Mr. Kuwa was inherited as the third generation, the dairy demand for tiles further depressed due to the impact of the Lehman shock.

"So I thought that new products using tiles could not be developed. And it was a puzzle of this tile that completed."

Until then, we applied the cut technology cultivated in the manufacture of the board, cut the square tile into various shaped parts, and you can make the combination of people and excavators by changing the combination . In addition, it was a puzzle that has been engaged in an elephant, a dog, and a dog, each of the elephants and dogs.

"Actually, I did not sell this at all ... (laughs).

Nevertheless, if you are working on creating new products, the reputation says, "There is a tile company who is doing interesting" will spread little by little, and manufactures tile sinksMosquitoYou will receive a request for tile production from "Mr. Nanakawa company's homepage.

"I made a tile in the form of a hedgehog at a request from Moshihide-san, a request from the website, but I was very pleased! Both are complex, but they have been cultivated in the manufacture of the feature I was able to take advantage of tile cut technology. "

In addition, the student who worked as an intern shores that the student who has made an accessory in the tile. Immediately, create tile earrings and earrings, etc. and sell it in "bumped pottery festival".

Then develop a 1.8 mm thick tile that is considerably thiner than the building tile for accessories. And business fair sponsored by Tajimi City with accessories using this tile"Kim" business exhibitionIf you sell it, the echoes are more!

Eventually, this tile accessory became one of the products that became a pillar of Shichimi company.

"Initially, I was thinking about how to take advantage of the technology, so I didn't think that tiles would be earrings and earrings," and I'm looking back. "But the tile is originally a" colored "to the building. If you think so, the accessories also" colors the people ".


▶ アク Accessories made carefully by the hand of the craftsman one by one

We also showed the field of manufacturing tile accessories!

Powdered clay to be a tile raw material. Press and hold this.

In the case of accessories, two molding methods are two. One way to compact with a press. The other is a method of embossing in a gypsum type.

The photos of the gypsum type, the lower is molded by the press

Pressing and molding with a pressing machine is a design that has no unevenness on the surface as in the column under the photo. Finish in a uniform shape to press using a mold. By the way, the pressure of the press for pressing is 50 tons! After molding, place the end with water and sponge and round up.

Meanwhile, mold pressing with a gypsum type is a three-dimensional design like a column above the picture. Push clay into a gypsum type. The gypsum type smokes and dries from the mold and blazes it to remove the moisture. This is a molding method that can express more colorful tiles.

After molding, painting and painting glaze. Craftsmen was moving the brush carefully to one small tile.

"This glaze looks brown before baking, but it will be gold if you bake it!"

Depending on the type and amount of metals contained in glaze, the color of baked rising changes. For example, if you have a lot of iron, it will be green if you have a lot of brown and copper. It looks like a chemical experiment and interesting.

The glaze painted tiles are fired with an electric keron and putting on a bracket manually, it is completed!


▶ ︎ Multicolored, delicate and retro tile accessories

From here, we introduce some of the wonderful tile accessories of Mr. Nanasaki.

First of all, a colorful "iro and a piercing earrings" series.

As the name implies, it can be purchased freely in combination of more than 20 types such as "蒲" and "sky color" and "Asagi", "square", "5 square", "8 square" and "round" Earrings and earrings.

Iro and Katachi Selection Earrings / Earrings

Combinations of color and shapes are really diverse! It is cute even if you put a different color or shape in one ear, so it will be lost anyway ...!

This is a design that incorporates traditional Japanese patterns.

(From the left 12th left) Sakaihana, Ika Sakai, (from the left to the left) Sakai Flower statement, the grass blossoms small

As it is an elegant atmosphere, it seems to look good for Japanese clothing.

In addition, in Sanjima company, two designers, Mr. Mura Minami, Komai Kabe (Komai Koma Fumi), make use of their sensitivities, design and manufacture individual accessories with individuality.

Among them, I introduced the works that Mura Minami-san worked.

Minami Chose (Earrings / Earrings)

"Minami Chose" is likely to be a coordinating stem with a stem that has grown on the base of the polka dot pattern.

Accessories recommended for men are also discovered! Classic white shirts also become very fashionable by just a lot of cuffs from the cuffs! It is too attractive that the tile is not too flashy, calm color.

Cufflink (scarlet, red)


Nanitaka's tile accessories that were born with high ties and original stylish designs. Of course it will be colored, but it will surely give the mind of the person who has acquired it.

Mr. Nanakawa's accessories areThe Gifts ShopYou can purchase in the store or online store!