Okuda Mataemon Ko Honpo (Gero City)

A secret medicine inherited,
To make you feel closer

Located in Gero City, Gifu PrefectureOkuda Matata Uemon Ko Honpo(Okuda Motomata Honpo). The company was founded as a company in 1959, but its history dates back to the point where Niju Okuda Matemona learned the osteopathic technique in the late Edo period.

Mataemon Okuda Okuda, a bone doctor whose technology is named as a divine work, has released the secret drug of the family biography, which has been begging by many patients and has been firmly protected outside the gate. increase. The crude drugs using the specially made Mino Japanese paper have been supported by many people, and are now inherited as "Okuda Iku Roh" by the 7th generation.

We asked Yasunari Hyuga about various products that contain such a secret Gero Pema and the ingredients of Gero plague currently deployed.

"Gero plaster has long been popular with many people, but there were many voices saying" I am worried about the unique smell "because of the reason for making new products. Gero to more people. I wanted you to know about the plaster, so I first made this "Nagomishi". "

On the left is Gero plaster that has been popular for a long time. Because it uses pine dolls, it is easier to paste if you roast and use a little. It has a unique scent of Chinese medicine and otan, but the loyal user says that this smell is irresistible.

The newly developed "Nagomishito" is more compact and easier to use than Gero plaster. The special essential oil has a relaxing effect, and when you put it on, the heart is just as the name of the name. In addition, it seems that the meaning of "Japanese kami" is included because the mini Japanese paper is used.

The building, which is about 140 years old, is very quaint, and the tools and signs used in the store are lined up in a row. Along with nostalgia, I feel the history of Okuda Matamiemon Shogun Honpo, who has been loved by people over that era.

He also showed valuable items, such as photos of stores at the time of their founding and tools used when driving Kampo. In fact, it seems that the founder of the major consumer goods manufacturer "Kao" also had a relationship with the founder, and there was also a signboard of Kao at the time of its founding.

This is the main component of Gero -plaster, Yo -Bihi (left: Dried Yamamomo skin) and Kihada (right).

Not only the development of Hyuga -san's feeling that "I want young people to know the ingredients of this Gero plaster!" It was developed to the lineup of Yang Hadashi.

This is the "Tama -ken" of the Yang no Glossy Series. It is a soap -shaped soap, with a variety of scents. As the name suggests that combines "Yang Gui's skin" and "good skin", it will be smooth and smooth after washing your face.

"I try to develop products from Gifu as much as possible. I will continue to match the times so that I can inherit traditional Gero plaster and become familiar with many people's lives. I want to introduce items. "

You can purchase Okuda Matakomon Takemon Honpo's items at The Gifts Shop on the active G2F next to JR Gifu Station. It is a perfect item for the current season when the cold is getting harsher, so if you are interested, please try it.