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"Horse of Gifu Prefecture, Hida Takayama's old city with the old cityManwering"Mr. Miss. The stuffed animals of wooden books made by their own approach are all loving facial expressions, such as, colorful and vivid and colored shades, and you want to collect.

The Gifts ShoporGifu HallBut how was the stuffed toy of this popular woodcut manager, is it born? I visited the workshop of Tanji-san in Takayama City, and father-in-father-in-law talked to Mr. Hakata Tanaka, the second generation of my husband.

▶ Original goods started from the plate plate

Shanghaida, Founded in 1972, originally worked on architectural design. When there is a request for design design for new stores from souvenir shops in Takayama city, asked, "I want you to make any products" That was the beginning of the creation of products that applied the wooden version.

"The father was a member of the city exhibition, and the picture of the picture is deep. The picture of the plate plate is initially not only the view of Hida Takayama, but also the landscape that sketched over the country of all over the country. I was selling. "

The wood version is as if the landscape of the four seasons of Japan, the business, events, and the activities of living are finely drawn, and it will come up three-dimensionally. This version of the plate, which is currently produced, is particularly popular for foreigners seeking something like Japan.

▶ ︎ ︎ Hida Takayama's nature and culture in the woodbook manual stuffed toy

On the other hand, because the mother-in-law was a stained house, it is not possible to make a print, but it's not possible to make something, and it is a muddy and born, and it is a stuffed toilet of woodcut.

In Hida Takayama, early spring will have a face from the snowfall and show a face, and the 12 stalls of the Sanwa Festival show beautiful views. When the rainy season has passed, summer came, and the mountains of the mountains, such as Goya, Norikura, Masumigatake, Hotaka, Kodake, Kurobe Tatsuke, are started. At the end of summer, you can hear the Bon festival dance spice, and the former morning city in front of the Jinhira is from summer vegetables to autumn taste. And, if the Ginkgo of Kokubo is placed in a yellow carpet in the departure, the North Wind will begin snowing ....

A stuffed animal was born in the traditional beauty, rich nature that the technique of such seasons and Hida's craftsmanship remained.

Currently, there are dozens of wild birds, fish, and zodiacs, but the first thing such as wild birds, fish and zodiacs were, but it was the first thing that was created (Uma).

The series of wild birds that began with Pheasant are motifs and 30 types of birds in the rich nature of Hida Takayama.

On the other hand, fish such as Iwana are often devised by the second generation of fishery.

The zodiac stuffed toy is that the first noon stuffed toy was sold in the evening, and after that, the zodiac animals are now made every year. After that, the smallest "Pups" series is expanded around.

By the way, look at the stuffed animal stuffed toy, but also besides feathers, uroko and hair, it is noticed that various motifs such as flowers are scattered. Actually all these patterns have meaning and the story of the animals is hidden.

For example, a bored baby's lie has a cherry blossom and plum bud, and a baked leaf is drawn from the image that runs Sakabara and the image. If you know the story incorporated in one stuffed toy, you will be more attractive!

▶ ︎ Manually work carefully. Make it with your thoughts and techniques

How is the stuffed stuffed wooden hand dyed with one more taste?

"The stuffed animal of the craftsmanship wants to continue to be loved as" people who is "folkist" rather than artist. " Therefore, the design of stuffed animals is devising all father-in-law and second generation, but after that, the production is a division of labor and each process is responsible for each process.

Stuffed animals make a design, making a plate, and it is possible to go through the process that sews the cloth, sliding the plate and sliding the cloth. This time, I showed you how to make a plate specially sliding.

First of all, from the place where the dye is applied to the paper tree. If it is a common multicolor sliding plate, one color will be sliding one color by one color, but if it slides in a stretchable cloth, all colors are sliding in one plate increase. Looking at carefully, the paper tree is deeply carved so that each color is not mixed.

Dyes are also made by mixing each time. Therefore, a little bit different grades is different, and the same is not the same as one.

Once all dyes, wear raw wood cotton (Kimomen) in the paper tree, and push it and get rid of it.

A little bit of the pattern came up with a little bit back and forb.! The pattern of the pink eyes, ears, ears, and soby chrysanthemum of the zodiac series (rabbit) is vividly appeared.

After this, the raw wood cotton is then steamed at high temperature and stopped. It is completed when it is sewn and rice husk (also)! It is said that it was decided to be a stability and a stable feeling and a stable feeling as a result of being packed in a cotton and various materials.

Mr. Mt. Toys of the wooden hand-painted wood that is made from scratch with meaning and commitment to one step and material. That's why, I'm going to get loved and loved by getting a lot of people.

▶ ︎ If you decorate the entrance or room, it will be in the space

Other than zodiac and wild birds and fish are widely expanded, and items that have become a seasonal event, such as a lady or a peek. Items are also popular. "Because there are many families who can not decorate large lesters recently, the entrance and rooms, such as the entrance and rooms are also popular, and the stuffed stuffed stuffed stuff is popular."

And this is "sorry dog"! The hunting dog kept in your family was awful and it's getting angry! It is also attracted to lovely naming.


While there is a Japanese atmosphere, it is a stuffed toy with a wooden broken stuffed to decorate the contemporary Western-style room. It is more lovely to know the process and the feeling of being built up, as well as the pretty appearance, and more lovely.

The zodiac between 2022 was called. By all means, how is your favorite place, and how long to make a healing space?

Makobu-san's wooden dye stuffed toy can be purchased even with the "The Gifts Shop" storefront or online store!


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