Fukuju lacquerware store (Takayama City)

The more you use it, the more beautiful and dear.
A traditional crafts that represents Gifu.

"Fukuto Lacquer Ware Store" has a store in Takayama City, where old -fashioned features remain in the city. We sell products from Hida Harukei, which are rooted in living, such as tray and tea utensils, bowls and vases. During the Ansei period, which is the end of the Edo period, the exchange of lacquer paintings was replaced by the founding, and the current president, Ryota Fukushi, succeeded the fifth generation.


It seems that "Hida Harukei" is said to be the beginning of the Bon Festival that made use of the wood grain in the early Edo period.

I sometimes see Hida Harukei, a specialty product in the Hida region of Gifu prefecture, but how is it actually made? I talked to Toru Mizuta, who works at the Fukujutsu Lacquer Ware Store.

"The characteristic of Harukei coating is the beauty of the wood grain," said Mr. Mizuta. It seems that the most distinctive feature is the transparent color that uses the wood grain simply without decorating.

"The production of the painting is divided into division of labor, and the craftsman is divided into a" wooden master "to prepare wood, and a" painter "that lacquered the wood." A craftsman with high skills carefully creates each process, and eventually the "Hida Harukei" is completed.

Lacquered is completed through the process of applying eye and undercoating to the wood, applying a sliding lacquer several times, and applying the spring Keikei lacquer. It seems that the taste of the completed spring Kei coating changes depending on the color that colors the wood.

In addition, the finish is different depending on the climate, so craftsmen need the experience and sharp sensation they have cultivated over many years.

"This is just the finished thing," said Mr. Mizuta brought a red and deep color box with a fragrant sesame scent ...!

In fact, it seems that the Spring Keikei lacquer is mixed with egoma. At the beginning of the completion, the color is dark, and after the years, it becomes a calm shade, and the beauty of the wood grain is one of the attractions of Hida Harukei.

It is said that cypress and scorpions suitable for processing are often used for wood materials. Hinoki has a beautiful wood grain, so it is used for "plate" like a heavy box, "songs" such as a tray or lunch box, and the chinkoki is moderately hard and has a beautiful white color. increase.

It is such a Hida Harukei coating, but with the aging of the craftsmen, there are also possible items that cannot be made in the future.


"This is my recommendation," said Mr. Mizuta, "Red Bonbon", which has a cute small shape with a small shape. As the name suggests, the clear red color is beautiful and you want to decorate it. It looks good not only to add candy and dried sweets, but also to add accessories.


We also introduced a soft candy -colored "bean dish" that has been completed by applying yellow colored wood. This is also perfect for placing small items as well as Japanese sweets, and combines the beauty of enhancing things to put. The point is that it is light and easy to handle because the material is a wood.


"I think Hida Harukei, which completes the skills of many craftsmen, is a special item that can be enjoyed in everyday life, even though it is a special one," says Mizuta.

It seems that you can spend a wonderful time by incorporating your favorite traditional crafts into your usual lifestyle.


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