Renewal opened! Vol.1

Gifu Product Antenna Shop "The Gifts Shop" has been renewed on February 20, 2021! In the store, there are more than 1900 gifts of Gifu born. We introduce the attraction of such a newly born "THE GIFTS SHOP"!


Attractive 1 ▷ JR Gifu Station ticket gate right away! Access is convenient.

"The Gifts Shop" is located on the second floor of commercial facilities "Active G" directly connected to JR Gifu Station. As soon as there is an entrance of Active G, as soon as there is a ticket ticket gate, there are easy to stop people who use the station and it is convenient.


The newly opened "The Gifts Shop" has been a very easy to enter a very easy-to-enter atmosphere because the product shelf and the like are placed in bright and spacious stores.


In the front of the shop, the first illustration is the first illustration, the familiar Miyama and Nagara River Ukai, Takayama Festival, hot spring, Shirakawa, hot spring, sum umbrella and lanterns, etc. are drawn.

Until March 31, good fairs are also being held. By all means, please go out to the newly reborn "The Gifts Shop".


【Renewal Open Fair】

February 20, 2021 (Saturday) -3 months 31 (Wed)

· 2,500 yen (tax included) For each purchase, 500 yen OFF (with the number of discounted upper limit)
· Small gift present (limited quantity) for purchasing more than 5,000 yen (tax included)