Celebratory envelope with foil stamping sea bream

by 古川紙工株式会社

A celebratory envelope with a golden foil pushing and mizuhiki. The patterns are carefully foil-stamped one by one by the craftsmen.

This envelope has two "good luck" patterns: one is sea bream and the other is blue ocean wave. In Japan, Tai (sea bream) is believed to be a fish that brings good luck, and blue ocean wave pattern has the meaning of "peace and happiness in the future", making it perfect for celebrating a new beginning.


  • Contents ... 1 sheet, 1 envelope, 3 strips (Kotobuki, Goshu, plain)
  • Size ... 105 × 180mm
  • Seller ... Furukawasikou Co., Ltd. 2296 Tokiwa-cho, Mino-shi, Gifu 


Please note that there are some individual differences and version shots due to handmade.