Clear stream country Gifu


Gifu prefecture is located almost in the center of Japan. Its area is the 7th largest in Japan (10,621㎢), and it is an inland prefecture surrounded by 7 prefectures. The Hida area in the northern part of Gifu prefecture is lined with mountains of the Japanese Alps with an altitude of over 3,000 m, while the Mino area in the southern part is the Nobi Plain, where the Kiso Three Rivers (Kiso River, Nagara River, and Ibi River) flow.

Gifu Prefecture, which is blessed with the nature of Mt. Shimizumei, such as mountains full of greenery and clear streams, has long been called "Hida no Mt. Utilizing the resources that have been cultivated, unique local industries such as ceramics, woodwork, metal / cutlery, Japanese paper, plastic, textile / apparel, and food are thriving.