New government building store opening information

In the space on the 2nd floor of the Gifu Prefecture New Prefectural Government Building, prefectural products are on sale for a limited time! We collect Gifu's representative gem, including processed products and local sake and traditional crafts, as well as processed products unique to Gifu. It is a perfect lineup for yourself, as well as a small souvenir and gift.

January 27 (Fri) is the "Tono area fair". Various things such as Mino ware, a traditional crafts, local sake prepared with rice from Gifu Prefecture, and snacks unique to the Tono region!
Please take a look when you stop by the new prefectural government building.

Please check the details of POP UP FAIR for each area held in the space on this page.

We develop a variety of products, such as sweets and seasonings that can be enjoyed easily, local sake carefully made at the clear stream of Gifu, and crafts that make use of the technology inherited for generations. I would be grateful if you could feel the culture of Gifu by incorporating Gifu's things in your current lifestyle.

Shop Info

Business days: January 4 (Wed), 5th (Thu), 6th (Fri), 13th (Fri), 27th (Fri)
February 3rd (Fri), 10th (Fri), 24th (Fri)
March 3rd (Fri), 10th (Fri), 24th (Fri)

Business hours: 11: 00-14: 00

Location: 2-1-1 Yabuta Minami, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture New Prefectural Government Building 2nd floor Sales Space