Cutting board mountain cherry blossoms



The Hida Takayama area in Gifu Prefecture, where the production of woodworking furniture is active.

The cutting board made by Artscraft Japan, a furniture studio in Takayama City
The width is determined according to the size of the wood, and it is characterized by organic and natural.

Various tree species, mainly domestically produced hardwood, uses natural egoma oil for finishing.

There is no same thing as one point, and the form also has the thought of conveying the diversity of Japanese forests.

A mountain cherry blossom that has a good fragrance in the rose family and has a dignified shade.
It is a popular wood as a material for luxury furniture because it has high tactical and beautiful colors.

Since the grain and shape are different, it is convenient to bring various sizes according to the application, such as the mint or serving.


  • Size ... 360 x 150 x 20mm
  • Raw ingredients ... Mountain cherry blossoms


  • Product photos are as close to the real color as possible, but the color may differ from the actual monitor or room lighting.