Hand -painted lacquered chopsticks



Chopsticks finished in Hida Harukei, a traditional craft transmitted to Hida Takayama. The lacquer is transparent due to aging, and the grain becomes more prominent. The body using natural wood is light and easy to hold, and does not disturb the meal time. The glossy lacquer smooth mouthfeel is attractive. Lacquered is hard to peel off and does not deteriorate, so it can be used for a long time. A traditional crafts that can be used everyday, carefully finished by craftsmen. The vivid colors of Harukei paint color the dining table gorgeously.

■ Fukuto Lacquer Ware Store (Takayama City)
A historic traditional crafts store that has been inherited from Hida Takayama's "Harukei" since its founding in Ansei 5 in the Edo period. We deliver practical and beautiful crafts. c