hibiki sake cup set celadon

by 株式会社ミヤマプランニング


A beautiful celadon porcelain sake cup set that looks as if clear water is flowing along the stripes.
The sleek form with a beautiful standing posture will look great at the sake table.
when you give it as a gift, you will surely be pleased with its good taste.


  • Brand ... hibiki
  • Contents ... large sake cup: 220cc × 1, sake cup: 50 cc × 2
  • Size ... sake cup: W55 × D55 × H55mm, large sake cup  W100 × D80 × H120
  • Seller ... Miyama Planning Co., Ltd. 940-1, Kozato, Inazu-cho, Mizunami City, Gifu 


Be sure to wash the product with warm water before using it for the first time.
Remove stains as soon as possible after use, and dry well before storing.
Dishwashers can be used, but please be careful not to overfill the dishwasher as this may cause damage.
Do not use abrasives, detergents, cleansers, or metal scrubbers to clean the product, as they may scratch the surface.
Do not use the product over an open flame or empty fire, as this may cause damage.
For safety reasons, please do not use the product if it has cracks or fissures, as they may break unexpectedly.