Ichii Itto Bori (Woodcarving) Owl

by 鷲塚彫刻


Washizuka carvings are frequently exhibited in department stores and overseas.Its works are created using the technique of " Ichii Itto Carving," in which a form is carved from a single piece of wood.
The works carved by craftmen through experience and techniques, while carefully observing the color of the wood and the flow of the grain, have a beauty that seems to be filled with soul and emotion.


  • Size ... H7.5 × W5.5 × D5.0 cm
  • Type of tree ... Yew
  • Seller ... Washizawa Chokoku, 5-692-9 Katano-machi, Takayama, Gifu 


As each product is handmade, please note that there are slight differences in the grain, color, and expression of the wood.
As a characteristic, the color of the wood will change to brown as it ages.
Please note that white wax is used for the finish to make it shiny, so there may be some white powder on the surface.
Please refer to the attached bookmark for care instructions.