Masu Cup

by 有限会社大橋量器


Ohashi Ryoki, a manufacturer specializing in Masu (a square wooden cup), is located in Ogaki City, Gifu, and boasts an 80% share of the national Masu production.
The Ichigo Masu, the most popular type of sake cup, can be used in in many ways, such as as a sake cup, vessel, or to measure rice.
You can also enjoy the scent of Japanese cypress.


  • Name ... Sake cup
  • Size ... (External dimensions) W85mm x D85mm x H56mm
  • Capacity ... 180ml
  • Material ... Japanese cypress
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Seller ... Ohashi Ryoki Ltd. 2-8 Nishitogawa, Ogaki-city, Gifu, Japan


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