SHIRA Washi photo stand wave

by 石川紙業株式会社

A theme of the series is "Purity and Holiness".
Mino-washi is hand-dyed with gold color inspired by the golden country of Jipang, and it has a Gentle wave pattern. It can be placed vertically or horizontally, allowing you to display your favorite photos.


  • Brand ... Mikanwa paper brand Ishikawa paper "Japanese hand hand" brand
  • Size ... W13 × D1.5 × H17 cm ※ Postcard size 100 × 148 mm ※ L Cape size 89 × 127 mm included frame use
  • Place, and can be placed
  • Weight ... 100g (package included: 170 g)
  • Material ... Mitsukazu paper, cardboard
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Seller ... Ishikawa Shigyo Co., Ltd.  2382 Yoshikawa-cho, Mino City, Gifu Prefecture


Because of the hand, one of the products has a difference in making.
Size, color, pattern may differ slightly.
Please be careful about friction and water wet on the nature of the Japanese paper.
Heat the dirt with a dry cloth.