Brooch silver scrap

by 有限会社 鈴研・陶業 七窯社


Accessories made of tiles that were born in Taijo City, which has tiled in the production area of ​​Mino-baked, Toro.
A tile brooch that makes you feel more casually as usual wearing.
A silver trail that blooms flowers in the fall, white small flowers are pretty and pretty atmosphere. If you match your simple clothes, your presence will stand out.


  • Name ... Brooch
  • Size ... W23mm × H3mm × D1mmm
  • Material ... [Body part] Ceramics [bracket part] brass, plating, gold old beauty color
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Seller ... Suzuki Co., Ltd. Taijiki City Takada-cho 8-106


For handmade, color, glaze, shape and size are slightly different.
Product photos are made close to the color of the real thing as much as possible, but the actual color may differ depending on your monitor and room lighting, etc.
Please be careful about use in a slippery place such as stairs.
It may be broken by giving a strong shock.