Mt. Fuji Pair Glasses

by 株式会社丸モ高木陶器


"Marumo Toki" has been producing beautiful tableware in Ichinokura, Tajimi, which has long flourished as a "sake cup town". In the past, "Marumo Toki" has made glorious achievements, such as delivering tableware for the enthronement ceremony through the Imperial Household Agency's official ceramic store.

The Tenkai glass, made by fusing tradition and the latest technology, is open at the top, making it suitable for sake.

When you pour in a cold drink and the temperature of the glass drops below 17 degrees Celsius, you will see colored cherry blossoms and Mt. Fuji. It is as if snow has melted and spring has come.

The glasses come as a pair, making them the perfect gift.


  • Content ... Glass pair set (in a decorative box)
  • Size ... φ60 × H98mm
  • Capacity ... 100cc
  • Material ... Glass
  • Seller ... Marumo Toki Co., Ltd. 1-12-1 Ichinokura-cho, Tajimi, Gifu


Once the design is cooled down, the color will be clearer for subsequent use.
Strong rubbing may cause the transfer to come off.
Do not use metal scrubbers or abrasive materials to clean the product.
Do not expose the product to direct sunlight for a long period of time, as the dye used in the design is sensitive to ultraviolet rays.
Due to manual work, the position and shape of the transfer may vary.
Individual differences in coloration may occur.