Aroma Moist Bath Powder 3 bag set

by 株式会社日本温浴研究所


Every day I will do my best to heal my mind and body.
Powders with plenty of moisturizing ingredients, which are blended with plenty of moisturizing ingredients, and the effect of removing the old horny is expected, and it can be a more beautiful skin with plenty of water.
In addition, for fragrance free, you can also enjoy those who are not good at aroma.


  • Content volume ... 1 package 80g
  • All Components ... Sesuce Bicbonate Na, Bicarbonate Na, Titanium Oxide, Beppu Onsen Purification Hot Water Flower Extract, Cammillecroscera Extract, Water-soluble Proteoglycan, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Glutamate Na, Polyacrylic Acid Na, Polyacrylic Acid, Bentonite, Stearic Acid PEG-75, ethiduronic acid 4Na, silicic acid CA, BG, water
  • Seller ... Nippon Nankai Research Institute Gifu Prefecture Kakatorumi City Harukaichi Kamigara-cho 2-68


Please stir well with a percentage of about 60 g to 80g for 200L bath bath.
Please note that you will be able to slide and take a bath when bathing.
This product does not include a bath kettle or a bath to bathe.
Motishy is calm weak alkaline. You can use it from the baby to your elderly.
You can also use it for hair washing and cleaning.
Please avoid it because there is a risk of losing glossy.
This product does not change the effect over a long period of time.
Do not use for applications other than bathing.
Please avoid combined use of this product and other bathtutes.
I can not eat this product. If you swallow a lot, you will receive a medical treatment, such as taking water, and consult your doctor.
If skin or constitution is abnormal, please consult your doctor and use it.
If you use abnormalities such as rash, redness, itching, and irritation after use or after use, please discontinue use and consult your doctor.
This product is not completely identical to the hot spring.

Cautions on storage
Do not put in the place of childhood and childhood and high temperature and humidity place.

About the rest
The remaining hot water can be used for washing, but do not use the combined use of the flexible finish and the washing of the clothes of chopsticks. In addition, please use Shimizu.

About the ingredients
In the case of a fully automatic water heater and 24-hour bath, depending on the model, it may not be used. Please use the instruction manual of your model.
In the case of wooden bathing, it may be difficult to get a meal, so please avoid using it.
Since the ingredients may adhere to the hot water inside the bath pot, and it may go out of the circulation port, and after the use of this product, please refrain from the inside of the bath pot, the circulating mouth, and soothing water.
Please be careful about use in a slippery place such as stairs.
It may be broken by giving a strong shock.