Small Calligraphy Set for Adults

by 古川紙工株式会社


This is a calligraphy set for adults that allows you to enjoy handwriting with ease.
It can be used in a variety of situations, such as writing letters and postcards, writing the front page of a gift wrapping paper or a congratulatory gift bag, or even for sutra copying.
The beautiful red hemp leaf pattern on the inkstone will make you feel enjoyed.


  • Contents ... Inkstone, Ink, Brush in a wooden box
  • Size ... wooden box: 98 × 126 × H 25 mm,  Inkstone :  5 × 75 × H12mm, Ink: 20 × 73 × H9mm, Brush :  Total Length 158mm, Length of an ear: 25mm, Diameter of ear: 9mm
  • Material ... Inkstone: ceramic
  • Seller ... Furukawa Shikou Co., Ltd. 2296 Tokiwa-cho, Mino City, Gifu