Gradation Deep Blue Mug



Tajimi's kiln, Josen Kiln, which is made by "crystal glaze". The chemical change that occurs when firing glaze is created with a characteristic delicate and splendid crystal pattern like a flower. "Gradation" is a series featuring white crystal glaze, cobalt and sakura crystal glaze at your feet. It is finished in a soft atmosphere with a pale gradation, and is excellent in compatibility with a warm wooden table. Because it is produced by hand, it is also attractive that you can enjoy different patterns one by one.

■ Josen kiln (Tajimi City)
A pottery that specializes in creating vessels using "crystal glaze" that creates a beautiful crystal pattern when the melted glaze is cooled.


  • Name ... Gradation Deep Blue Mug
  • Size ... φ x H9.3cm x W12.6cm
  • Material ... Ceramics
  • Seller: 4-65-5 Kitamachi, Tajimi-shi, Gifu Kiln


  • Because it is glazed by hand, the patterns are different one by one.
  • This is a "crystal glaze" product, and its expression is different depending on the firing. Please purchase after understanding that there are individual differences, such as the appearance, size, and color of crystals.
  • Size may cause some errors.