Gujo Ennen Dried Plum Bag 60g

by 株式会社プラムナチュール


Plum Nature's Perilla Shiso Plum is a shiso-zuke plum that is handmade by the traditional natural natural manufacturing method without using any preservatives or additives. The plums that have been drained from Gujo's famous water are dried in the sun under the sun, and are slowly aged with salt, shiso, and the secret pickled juice that has been stored in the past plum making. After salting, it is dried in the sun to remove excess water, and when it is layered with plenty of shiso, it is a very important red vinegar that is full of the nutrients of the umeboshi made with umeboshi so far. Put. By soaking in this secret red vinegar extract for 3 months, you can make umeboshi with a rich flavor and richness.